The compulsory acquisition of land continues to facilitate urban regeneration, nationally significant infrastructure projects and housing developments.

In such situations it is vital that affected land owners and acquiring authorities receive independent advice to ensure appropriate compensation is paid in a timely manner.

“Compulsory purchase of property is an essential tool in a modern democratic society. It facilitates planned and orderly development… Hand in hand with the power to acquire land without the owner’s consent, is an obligation to pay full and fair compensation.”

Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead

For businesses whose land is subject to compulsory acquisition the task of quantifying the impact on the business can be complex and often daunting for business owners.

How can we help you?

Our forensic team has considerable experience of working with acquiring authorities and affected land owners throughout the CPO process, including:

  • Assessments of the viability of relocation.
  • Insight from sector experts.
  • Preservation of evidence to support a claim for business disturbance and identification of additional evidence.
  • Quantum assessment including business valuations and loss of profit claims.
  • Presentation of evidence for use in settlement negotiations and alternative dispute resolution forums including mediation.
  • Assessment of quantum disputes in expert determinations.
  • Preparation of expert evidence for tribunal proceedings.

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