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Pricing for profit - and happier clients

21 June 2018: Hazlewoods and Yorkshire Bank breakfast briefing

Nigel Haddon is a Consultant working with Burcher Jennings, the UK’s leading law firm pricing consultancy. With more than eight years as the Managing Partner of regional law firm SAS Daniels LLP, Nigel comes to the role at Burcher Jennings with the kind of career context that makes him both invaluable and unique in his ability to understand the needs of his clients. 

Nigel held the position of Chair of the Law Management Section of the Law Society for three years, is Editor of the Law Management Section Merger Toolkit and Joint Editor of Law Management Section Guide to Business Development.

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Looking to the future

17 October 2018: Hazlewoods and Yorkshire Bank breakfast briefing

The SRA’s 'Looking to the Future' campaign and draft new handbook could completely alter the delivery of legal services in England and Wales. For the first time, non-lawyers will be able to own and run legal businesses, without authorisation, provided they are not delivering reserved work. This essential briefing provides the information you need to help plan your business strategy.

  • Will you hive off part of your firm?
  • Have you considered outsourcing?
  • What will your competitors do, and what are the economic implications? 

Whether you are a Managing Partner, COLP, COFA or sole practitioner, these changes will likely affect your business model. With an eye to maintaining profitability and liquidity, we look at the commercial implications of the SRA’s proposals.

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Using benchmarking to improve your performance

6 March 2019: Hazlewoods and Yorkshire Bank breakfast briefing

The topic for this event was be 'How do you use benchmarking to make a difference to your performance?', delivered by Patricia Kinahan and Jenny Staight from Hazlewoods Legal team.

The morning covered practical tips for interpreting benchmarking information; where to focus your energies, and why and how to implement key changes to get results.

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