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news  Health and Care Update: Talent shortage - Fact or fiction?
We have invited Howard Green, Founder and CEO of specialist health and social care recruitment consultants, Harben Green, to provide a unique perspective into the challenges of recruitment within the sector.
news  Farms and Estates update: Budgets and cashflow forecasts
Understanding your farm profitability and cash requirements is becoming increasingly important for agricultural businesses. Uncertainty is a key risk for business, with many farming clients looking to either expand their existing business or consider new ventures to bring in extra income and enable the business to grow.
news  Health & Care Update: Company cars and tax
For a number of years, the concept of a tax efficient company car has been diminishing with annual increases to the benefit tin kind (BIK) charge.
news  Life at the University of Gloucestershire
Life as an accounting and finance student at the University of Gloucestershire has been an extremely positive experience.
news  Family business view: Warner’s Group
The Warner’s name has become well-known across the Cotswolds since the establishment of their motor business a century ago.
news  Farms and Estates update: Stamp duty land tax
Stamp duty land tax (SDLT) can be a significant cost in a property transaction. This is particularly the case where more than one residential property is being acquired, or residential property is being acquired and an existing residential property is already owned.
news  Confidence remains high in the M&A market
Hazlewoods Business Advisers and Chartered Accountants see continued high levels of Mergers and Acquisitions activity, with a strong first half of 2019
news  Extending redundancy protection for new parents
On 22 July 2019, the Government announced that it has approved an extension to the protection of new parents facing redundancy.
news  Health and Care Focus Summer 2019
Our latest version of Health and Care Focus for Summer 2019 is now available.
news  Farms and Estates update: Equestrian business rates
Property used for equestrian purposes vary enormously. Some businesses are run from bespoke premises built specifically for equestrian purposes and others have grown organically as a diversification of a pre-existing agricultural business

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