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news  Payroll Facts 2019/2020
Our latest edition of Payroll Facts is now available.
news  The Law Society's LMS Financial Benchmarking Survey 2019 launched
The Law Society's LMS Financial Benchmarking Survey 2019, written and produced by our Legal team, has now been published.
news  Capital allowances claims on agricultural buildings April 2019
There have been significant changes to the tax legislation in recent years relating to capital allowances that can be claimed on expenditure on buildings.
news  Financial Planning update: A cashless society
There has been growing debate about whether the UK will one day become a cashless society and the potential pros and cons of such a change.
news  Dental update: Cars - should you lease or buy?
For many dentists, the amount of tax relief that can be claimed is quite low as there is limited business travel, so first work out which option is the best deal financially. This may not necessarily be the option attracting the most tax relief.
news  Tax Facts 2019/2020
Our latest edition of Tax facts is now available.
news  Employed or self-employed? That is the question
The question may not be as old as Shakespeare (or indeed ever posed by him), but it is one that businesses have been agonising over for many years.
news  Farms and Estates update: Business rates
In most instances, land and buildings used for agricultural purposes enjoy an exemption from paying business rates; however, this position can change where diversification takes place.
news  Tax update: Changes ahead for homeowners
From April 2020, changes will be made to reliefs available when disposing of your main residence. These changes could result in a significantly increased capital gains tax bill depending on the timing of the disposal and history of occupation of the property.
news  Use your tax allowances before 5 April 2019
The tax-free allowance on dividend income is £2,000. Owners of incorporated practices should ensure that full advantage has been taken by declaring and paying dividends before 5 April 2019.

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