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Change to HMRC PAYE bank details

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28 January 2013
From April 2013 employers are required to pay one HMRC bank account rather than the present arrangement of separate accounts for Cumbernauld or Shipley.

Employers who make a payment to HMRC by:
  • Bacs Direct Credit
  • Faster Payments by online/telephone banking
  • CHAPS 
will make their payments to a single bank account from April 2013.

New details

From month 01 of the 2013-14 tax year payments should be made to:

Account Name HMRC PAYE
Sort Code  08-32-10
Account Number 12001039

This is the old Accounts Office Cumbernauld account and these 2013-14 changes are of particular importance to those employers who currently make payments to Shipley.

Existing payment arrangements remain unchanged in respect of payments relating to the current tax year 2012-13.

HMRC has started to send employers information about this change ready for the new tax year 2013-14.