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Hazlewoods Legal Team - What an invigorating week!

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7 November 2014

This has been one of our more interesting weeks, and we thought we would share the highlights with you

Major High Court Case

Jon Cartwright and Ian Johnson have been working on a very significant piece of high level litigation involving multiple law firms for a year now. The trial in the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court started five weeks ago, and Jon spent three days of this week in London, appearing in Court as an Expert Witness for the Claimant on Wednesday.

Jon Cartwright

Ian Johnson

Law Society Annual Financial Management Conference

Trish Kinahan graced the podium as a speaker at the Law Management Section's Annual Finance Conference yesterday, speaking on the very positive results of the 2014 law firm benchmarking survey, which we produce for the Law Society.

Trish Kinahan

Partnership Dispute Mediation

Andy Harris managed to keep his concentration for 14 hours yesterday, in what became a marathon mediation between law firm owners, who had seemingly irreconcilable differences going back years.

Andy Harris

SRA Meeting

Andy Harris attended a COFA morning (as opposed to a coffee morning) with the SRA on Wednesday, to discuss how the planned SRA consultation into the revision to the SRA Accounts Rules and the work of Independent Accountants is likely to roll out. Jon Cartwright also met with the SRA a few weeks before this, and as a result of both meetings, we cay say with reasonable confidence that the SRA have learnt from previous consultations and will roll this one out in a more business-like fashion. Watch this space.

New Work Pitches

Caroline Napier visited what would be a super new legal practice client for us in the South East yesterday, and we now have the green light to pitch for their business.


Caroline Napier

Who would have thought that we would be doing some of these things when we set up our Legal Team all those years ago!


Andy Harris - Associate Partner
Andy Harris
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