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Judicial reviews - an update

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20 February 2012
There have been a number of judicial reviews in the past 12 months, which in the main have been in relation to the setting of fees in the elderly residential sector. Judicial reviews have not arisen yet in the specialist care, children’s care and fostering services sector. 
Hazlewoods were recently involved with leading social care solicitor, Alison Castrey, in the second judicial review involving Pembrokeshire. In this case, the fee that had been set following the original judicial review, was challenged again.
Hazlewoods provided expert witness advice to the High
Court in Cardiff in support of the claim that the Authority had not paid full attention to the underlying information available to them.
For further details go to http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Admin/2011/3371.html or give a a member of the Health and Care team a call.

Andrew Brookes - Partner and Head of Healthcare
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