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Dental Update - Payroll and Reporting Benefits in Kind

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14 April 2015

It is that time of year when normally you would be thinking about completing your year end declarations for payroll and whether you have provided any reportable benefits to your employees (benefits in kind).

If we do not prepare your payroll, please pass this email to the person who oversees the payroll for you.

Previously, if you had benefits to report (e.g. where the practice pays the GDC subscriptions for nurses) but did not have a dispensation from HMRC in place, you would have ticked a box on your year end payroll return to say that P11Ds were due. Depending on the software you use for your payroll, this may now have disappeared.

If the declaration is still appearing then you will need to complete it giving accurate information as before. Otherwise, as a result of these changes, you do not need to do anything further unless you receive form P11D(b) from HMRC, in which case you will need to complete the form appropriately and return it to HMRC to avoid any penalties.

If there are any reportable benefits, then you will need to complete form P11D for each employee affected and submit these by 6 July 2015, even if you have not heard from HMRC.

Just to note, in 2016/2017 (from 6 April 2016) it is likely that the way in which some benefits are dealt with will change and are likely to be via payroll rather than benefits in kind. We will provide more information on this as and when it is known.