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Competition for collaborative R&D funding

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26 September 2013

The Technology Strategy Board is offering up to £13,000,000 for businesses to “develop engineering solutions across the agri-food supply chain”, from primary production to the food processing and manufacturing environment.

The Board is primarily looking to fund industrial research, with a business partner attracting 50% public funding for their project costs (60% for SMEs). Project proposals must be business led and collaborative and the Board are inviting projects that range in size from £300k to £2m, although it is anticipated that most projects will exceed £500k in total costs. Projects should typically last no more than three years.

The competition is a two stage process in which applicants must first submit an expression of interest, before shortlisted candidates are invited to submit a full written application. The deadline for submitting interest is at noon on 6 November 2013.

For further details, please contact Chris Ovens on 01452 634800 or Christopher.ovens@hazlewoods.co.uk.