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23 March 2010
April sees new EC Sales List requirements
For most businesses providing services, April will be the first month in which the new the requirements for filing EC Sales Lists (ESLs) will be of relevance.
What has changed for businesses providing services?
From January 2010 ESLs are required where services are supplied to EU VAT registered business customers who account for the VAT under the reverse charge provisions.
Why is April important?
For the UK and the Isle of Man ESLs are due on a calendar quarter basis (although businesses can opt to submit them monthly). The ESL must be submitted within 14 days of the end of the return period for paper returns and 21 days for electronic submissions. So, for most, the first ESLs under the new rules will be required for the quarter to 31 March 2010 and they will be due on either 14 or 21 April 2010.
If you require further information regarding the new ESL rules for business supplying services or goods please contact Julian Millinchamp on: 01242 237661 or email julian.millinchamp@hazlewoods.co.uk