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Finance Matters - Exit Planning

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6 June 2013
Owner-managed and small and medium sized enterprises (‘SMEs’) represent nearly two-thirds of all UK business activity.
Inevitably, there will come a time when those at the helm need to consider who is going to follow in their footsteps. Unfortunately, however, succession planning is something that is all too often left until it is too late.    

In our years of experience, it is best to see disposal as a tailored process. If you start with this perception, you will maximise your financial return. In addition, you need to manage the process with all the effort and professionalism you put into any other business projects. Get these basics right, and you are more likely to succeed.
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Hazlewoods work with businesses at an early stage to identify succession options, and then work with owners to create an exit plan. Selling a business is not dissimilar to selling a product or service. In all cases an active marketing programme and sales strategy is required.