Government guidance for reopening businesses

Published: Wednesday 27 May 2020

As June approaches and thousands of high street shops are set to reopen, the Government has produced eight guides that cover a range of working environments and how they can be made COVID-19 safe.

The initial guide covers all businesses and contains guidance on precautions that we have all become familiar with:

  • Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment;
  • Develop cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures;
  • Help people to work from home;
  • Maintain 2 metre social distancing, where possible; and
  • Where people cannot be 2 metres apart, manage transmission risk.

Further guides go into specific details for a range of industries, including:

  • Construction and outdoor work;
  • Factories, plants and warehouses;
  • Labs and research facilities;
  • Offices and contact centres;
  • Other people’s homes;
  • Restaurants offering takeaway or delivery;
  • Shops and branches; and
  • Vehicles.

Businesses, retail or otherwise, should only reopen once they have completed a risk assessment, in consultation with trade union representatives or workers, and are confident they are managing the risks associated with COVID-19.

They must keep staff and customers safe, taking the necessary steps to become COVID-19 secure in line with the current Health and Safety legislation

To find the guide the relates to your business, visit the Government website, here.