HLB awarded ‘Network of the Year’

Published: Tuesday 6 October 2020

HLB has won ‘Network of the Year’ at the virtual 2020 Digital Accountancy Awards that took place last week.

As an independent member of HLB, we are proud to be part of a network of professional advisers that has been awarded for its work in successfully supporting businesses internationally. It has been a milestone year for the network - from celebrating their 50th anniversary through to achieving a 7% increase in revenue and continued transformation and growth.

As part of our links with HLB, we shall also be recognising #HLBCommunities day on 9 October 2020. A world-wide effort, which aims to highlight and appreciate the importance of community spirit within the network’s firms, particularly during these times. The day will showcase the companies themselves and the local communities that they work in and support, via a range of activities all shared on social media.

For more information on Hazlewoods international links, visit our HLB page here. 

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