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How Cost Consultancy could help your Business

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9 January 2014

90% of businesses throw away profits by overspending on costs: challenge your costs and take care of your profits
With the ever increasing challenges of running a business in the care sector it is important to take the time to formally review your costs.  Most care businesses do not do this and so miss out on profit.

In the past five years we have experienced unprecedented rises in the cost of electricity, gas, food, vehicle fuel and staffing. There seems to be no immediate end to this trend meaning businesses need to adapt their working practices to focus hard on cutting all possible spending waste.

One method of checking that you are not overpaying on essential services is by engaging the services of a cost reduction specialist.  Their extensive supply chain enables them to get the best possible rates and tariffs available on the market, particularly small groups or single home care operators who maybe unable to achieve these rates directly.  At Hazlewoods, we work with such professionals and their “free to use” service has seen an average saving of 27% in recent cases.

The process is simple; the cost reduction specialists will look at your bills (on a no-cost, no-obligation basis),  review the expenditure on current overheads, create a proposal of where savings can be made and handle the whole process of transferring any contracts (if you decide to go ahead). At worst, you could receive a free business cost health check and at best an improvement in your bottom line profit, without an increase in weekly fees or improved occupancy!


Andrew Brookes - Partner and Head of Healthcare
Andrew Brookes
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