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Important information about trust tax returns

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1 July 2009

HM Revenue & Customs are having difficulties receiving online trust returns

If your 2008/09 online return has an entry in box:

  • 13.19 – deductible trust management expenses; 
  • 14.15 – unused tax pool brought forward from the previous year; and/or 
  • 5.20 – on the capital gains pages, if anyone has become absolutely entitled to any part of the property during the year
    then it may be rejected by the Self Assessment gateway. If the return is rejected you will have to submit a paper return instead. The usual paper return deadline in these cases has been extended from 31 October 2009 to 31 January 2010.

Withdrawal of trust tax return acknowledgement letters

For 2007/08 and earlier HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Trusts sent acknowledgement letters following the processing of a paper trust tax return where the taxpayer has self-calculated their liability and HMRC had no reason to revise it.  HMRC have advised that they will no longer be issuing such letters. This is no surprise and it just brings HMRC Trusts into line with the rest of HMRC.

If you require any assistance completing your trust tax return please speak to your usual Hazlewoods contact or e-mail tax@hazlewoods.co.uk.