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Launch of Eurogia-UK – a new low carbon energy collaborative R&D funding programme

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1 July 2013
The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change and the Technology Strategy Board, in collaboration with Eurogia+, is to launch a new R&D funding mechanism, Eurogia - UK, to encourage companies to participate in collaborations with other countries to develop innovative projects for low carbon technologies.
Successful applicants could receive up to £1million to fund UK activity within a collaborative project. There is a cap on public funding available depending on the size of the enterprise.
Eurogia+ is a cluster of the Eureka network, which addresses all innovative energy technologies that will:
• Reduce the carbon footprint of energy production and use
• Develop new technologies for energy such as solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, energy efficiency, etc.
To participate in Eurogia+, a number of conditions must be met by participants, namely:
• At least two companies from two different Eureka member countries must be included in the consortium
• The project must demonstrate technical innovation and have strong commitments to commercial exploitation
• The contributions from any given country/organisation must not exceed 66% of the total budget