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Published: Monday 12 August 2019

From the Students’ perspective


Life as an accounting and finance student at the University of Gloucestershire has been an extremely positive experience.


The supportive relationship between lecturers and students throughout my undergraduate course has continuously enhanced my studies and has opened up many opportunities to complement my overall student experience. The university offers a variety of beneficial resources such as internships, international field trips and facilities specific to the course, such as the trading room with access to Thomson Reuters. 


During the course, I have explored and gained a wide range of knowledge in both financial and management accounting, as well as developing strong knowledge in relation to taxation, financial markets and wealth management; all very important aspects in the ever-changing world.


Along with these sector-related modules, one of the most important requirements when entering the world of work is employability skills. Examples of these are; communication skills, organisational skills, presentation skills, along with independent working and team-working skills. The Accounting and Finance BA (Hons) degree course provides all this support so that you are ‘work ready’ when you graduate. 


The industry has changed a lot while I have been at university. Advances in big data have required accountants to work in an increasingly strategic role, influencing the overall strategy of the business as well as business decisions being considered. This has also meant that accounting systems must be adapted so that they are not only able to handle the massive volume of data but analyse and interpret it efficiently and effectively.


One of the biggest changes has been a rise in environmental accounting and the number of sustainability reports being produced by large businesses as customers want more environmentally-friendly and ethical products and services. Consolidating all of the knowledge and skills I have learnt at the University of Gloucestershire will help me seize every opportunity to support sustainable businesses in the future. 


However, for me university is more than just overcoming procrastination, adopting time-management skills, or sticking to a rigid schedule filled with 9am lectures. Coming to university is more than simply pursuing further education. I’ve gone from living with parents to suddenly being responsible for bills, cooking, and buying enough groceries to last me the week. For me this was the most difficult challenge to overcome. Thankfully I adapted to being independent relatively quickly and although I am sad to be leaving, I look forward to the next stage in my life and what changes this will bring.




Opening its doors to students in September 2018, the university’s new School of Business and Technology at Oxstalls campus is the jewel in the crown for recent campus developments.


The School of Business and Technology features a business incubation centre, Thompson Reuters trading rooms, its own moot courtroom, a consumer behaviour lab and equipment on par with that of corporate headquarters the world over – facilities that are available for hire to support existing businesses. The university becomes the UK’s first university with integrated Local Enterprise Partnership, GFirst LEP and Growth Hub, bringing together business, expert staff and students. The Growth Hub, a partnership between GFirst LEP and the university, plays a vital role in helping local businesses grow and provide students with crucial industry experience relating to their course.


Academics are not the only talent available to businesses who step inside the new centre – the School of Business and Technology is currently developing the next generation of business leaders, innovative thinkers and talent. Through internships, placements, apprenticeships and research projects, University of Gloucestershire students are already making a real difference to businesses throughout the county and beyond. The new School of Business and Technology will provide more opportunities for organisations to access this talent and reap the benefits of fresh thinking and new ideas.



“We pride ourselves on having industry-experienced academic staff and a business-focused student body. Gloucestershire is an outstanding place to do business. It is home to some of the most pioneering companies in the world; from international fashion to green energy, to cyber security and more. However, these are challenging times for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We are here to help businesses rise to these challenges.”

Crucially, teaching will only be a part of what will go on in the new building – the School of Business and Technology is home to more than 70 thought leaders, each with an average of 20 years of real-world business experience. They are working with a range of companies from all over the world, on individual projects and in long-term partnerships; all designed to drive growth in business. For the first time, these experts are located together inside one specialist centre, and within easy reach of the business community.

Businesses are invited to visit the new facilities and discuss how the university can help them grow.

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Daniel Bennett – final year

I am an enthusiastic student with the desire to use my analytical and communication skills to progress into a career within the financial services sector. I have a keen interest in sports, especially football, which I both watch and play as part of a team. As well as this, I have a strong interest in technology and how it’s continuously enhancing both people’s lives and day to day processes.

Emilian Nowak – third year

Over the last three years I have been the course representative as well as taking part in multiple projects which allowed me to develop my soft skills. In the future, I want to pursue a career in sustainable accounting as it is a developing field with many exciting opportunities.

Nakisha Bains – final year

I have a growing passion for business and personal finance. I have become more and more confident throughout my university life and can only hope that this will continue in my next steps into the ‘real world’. Outside of university I enjoy socialising with my friends, going to the gym and travelling to different countries as much as I can. I am looking forward to the many opportunities that the industry will bring and encourage anyone else to do the same!

Ben McClean – third year

I have been part of a number of extracurricular projects that have allowed me to apply and develop the skills I’ve studied in lectures. After graduating, I intend to pursue a further professional qualification, however I’m currently undecided between an auditing or finance role as I enjoy both at university. 

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