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Talking Tax - Spring / Summer 2013

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10 June 2013

Welcome to our first Talking Tax of 2013, the newsletter from Hazlewoods Tax Team.

Tax has been hitting the headlines recently and we all know that the world of tax is changing; we’ve been told often enough. The Chancellor’s Budget and the preceding Autumn Statement in December are catalysts for change. In this issue, we give you
the highlights.

In addition, we discuss how the extension of the popular Entrepreneurs’ Relief will work and we look at who the recently renewed and expanding Affluent Unit at HMRC are aiming at and what actions you can take to protect yourself.

No man is an island, and businesses are no different. Cross border trading brings tax challenges. In this edition we consider how to handle the indirect tax responsibilities that international trade brings about.
HMRC’s push towards Real Time Information (RTI) for PAYE is a tactical step in a wider trend towards speeding up the compliance cycle.
Finally we reflect on how to identify, request and retain appropriate documentation to support your tax position. If tax is getting hotter, an ability to produce the right evidence on request from HMRC is a wonderful way to cool things down again. Talking Tax covers the latest developments and what they mean for you and yours.

We welcome your thoughts as ever. Please get in touch via your normal contact.