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Equestrian and Equine

Running an equestrian business is a way of life. Ensuring you have advisers with in-depth knowledge of your business and the equestrian industry will help you make the best business decisions.

At Hazlewoods our equestrian team is both passionate about and experienced in the equestrian sector and will work with you to help you achieve your business goals.


Understanding you

Whichever equestrian discipline you focus on, being able to concentrate on producing your horses or running the business is critical to success. Time is always at a premium, we will work with you to allow you to run your business efficiently.

Our business and tax advice is tailored to you and your business.

Being in a position to make a well informed, quick decision is vital to a successful business, our experts will provide timely and constructive advice.

How can we help you?

Our services tailored to the equestrian and equine industry include:

Farms and Estates

Specific services for famers, landowners and agribusinesses. 


Client case study

Eventing/livery yard looking to improve profitability

Background: We were approached by a professional event rider wanting to improve the profitability of their business.

How we helped: We spent time with the owner to get a full understand of the fixed and variable costs of the business, which lead to a change in the charging structure for both horses kept on livery and syndicate horses. This enabled the owner to make key decisions about the mix of horses to ensure the business grows profitably.



Client case study 

Competition/stud and livery business breaching VAT registration threshold

Background: A new client came to us as their previous accountant had retired.  They had traded around the VAT threshold for a number of years and the business had stagnated, as they were concerned that if they registered for VAT the business would be unviable.

How we helped: After an initial review of the previous accounts and current books and records, we were able to identify significant capital expenditure which would qualify for a full VAT refund on initial registration. Additionally, due to the various different types of supply, some of the income streams would be exempt from VAT.  The initial VAT refund was over £20,000 and in nine VAT quarters out of ten the business continues to receive VAT refunds.



Client case study

Succession planning for a family farming and equestrian business

Background: A new client wanted guidance on structuring their combined farming and equestrian business activities to allow for succession of the businesses in a tax efficient manner.

How we helped: From a review of the business and asset ownership we identified that both businesses were not always profitable and all the land and buildings were owned by one member of the family.  We implemented a structure involving partnerships which allows the flexible use of income profits and losses around the family.  The land owning member is an active partner in both partnerships allowing a situation where valuable assets can be gifted to the next generation at the appropriate time without incurring substantial capital gains tax or inheritance tax charges.


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