We are often asked to advise partners on the optimum business structure, and have incorporated many practices in recent years. 

The organisational possibilities include changing to a limited company, or using one that is already present within your business infrastructure, such as a service company or corporate partner.

We provide a detailed report, which sets out everything you need to know about incorporation and its implications for you, your staff and the business.

Our service includes:

  • Estimate of tax and cash benefits
  • Liaising with your financial and legal advisers to form the company and produce the necessary agreements
  • Liaising with HMRC on PAYE 
  • Working with your finance team to adapt your accounting records
  • Creating a tax-efficient structure, considering:
    • Salary versus dividends
    • Family tax planning
    • Property
    • Pension arrangements

There are many other factors to consider and we provide tailored advice to suit your specific circumstances.

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James Morter
Partner, Corporate Finance, Audit, Dental
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Nigel Utting
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