Our Legal team provide a range of services to support the role of Compliance Officer for Finance and Administration (COFA).

Far beyond the statutory audit and signed accountant's report, our extensive experience allows us to provide a whole range of support services tailored to your needs.


COFA support services

  • Review of systems and financial controls: to assess risk and improve efficiency
  • Compliance reviews: operation of internal controls and inspection of client files
  • Advice on ensuring compliance with the SRA Accounts Rules
  • Advice on dealing with breaches of the Accounts Rules, including reporting to the SRA 
  • Training: bespoke on site coaching on financial and commercial matters concerning the COFA
  • Reporting and presentations: attendance at financial or board meetings
  • Financial stability: looking at profitability, cashflow, WIP and debtor recovery
  • Temporary FD support
  • Providing regulatory updates
  • Providing guidance on specific compliance issues as they arise
  • Helping to promote a pro-active attitude towards compliance
  • Access to our team of experts 

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