As our IT systems grow increasingly powerful, so does the ability to record ever more detailed information about our business performance. But how do you prevent yourself drowning in the detail, and ensure you remain focused on the big picture?

Information is power. So if your firm wants to gain a competitive edge, you need to collect all manner of data and use it to provide meaningful insight to your business performance and the wider legal sector.

Case management and accounts software is designed to capture large amounts of pertinent data, particularly where time recording is in place, but does your firm make use of this beyond reporting on department or fee earner performance.

How can we help you?

We can help to create bespoke reports based on your firm’s own specific metrics, which will give you greater clarity on the actual performance and help you identify exactly where profits are being generated or lost. 

Using tools such as Excel 'Get and Transform' we can cost effectively link data from more than one source, making it possible to tailor your reports in a wide variety of formats.

For example, by combining information from your payroll records to the time recording system, you can accurately compare the output and costs of each department and fee earner. And you can go further, by revealing key business strengths, under-utilised support resource, operational bottlenecks, and potential skill gaps. 

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