Indicia Limited

Indicia Limited is one of the UK’s leading independent customer engagement agencies providing full service date, analytics, planning and creative services.  The company was incorporated in 2006 as part of a digital media buy and build strategy and was sold in 2015 to Charterhouse, part of Konica Minolta.  The Hazlewoods technology team provided ‘hands on’ support every step of the way, including:
  • Acquisition search and assessment.
  • Financial due diligence and lead advisory services on the acquisitions of Marketing Databasics, Results International and Entire.  
  • Development and implementation of post acquisition plans.
  • Business advisory services including forecasting, business planning and fund raising.
  • Outsourcing and payroll services.  
  • Taxation services including R&D tax advisory, long term incentive planning, VAT, restructuring and transaction support.
  • Audit and compliance.
  • Disposal advisory.

Ian Stockley, CEO of Indicia Limited said “Hazlewoods have been a trusted business partner throughout the various stages of Indicia Limited’s evolution.  We have turned to Hazlewoods whenever we have needed sound technical advice or accounting/transactional support. Their depth of knowledge of our business and the strength of the relationship built with us over the years contributed to our high level of confidence in them providing us with the best possible advice and service levels.  I would like to thank everyone at Hazlewoods who has provided support over the years, in particular Paul Fussell who has given the business his unfailing commitment, particularly at high pressure points such as the sale of the business”.

Green Gourmet

Hazlewoods has assisted a food innovation company, Green Gourmet, to prepare Research and Development (“R&D”) Enhanced Relief Claims in respect of their new techniques for aircraft foods.  The claims to date have generated tax savings of over £130,000.

With each successful claim made, the company reinvests into developing new food techniques with a view to extending its product range for the airline industry.  The company’s increasingly strong foothold in aircraft food production has led to huge interest in its products from across the airline industry.

Hazlewoods has benefitted from the company’s R&D claims by being able to further our knowledge in this sector enabling us to provide advice and offer potential assistance to other companies developing new food techniques.  Our innovative approach has also enabled us to demonstrate the potential for making R&D claims to companies who may not have previously thought their developments qualified for R&D.

Adam Starkey, Founder and CEO of Green Gourmet said, “We have tried a number of accountancy firms over the years and Hazlewoods are outstandingly the best; knowledgeable, efficient, easy to deal with and straight talking, I would happily recommend them to anyone."

Software development company - R&D tax credits and full tax integrated service

Background: We were approached by a venture capitalist to provide advice and assistance to a software development company operating in a niche market. The company was struggling financially and needed some immediate professional support. 

How we helped: From initial meetings, it became clear that the company was eligible to claim substantial R&D tax credits which would assist with its cash position.  We assisted the company in preparing an R&D tax credits claim as a priority: we have since helped the company to claim almost £300,000 in R&D tax credits. 

Engineering company – Patent Box

Background: The company is a UK member of a large US multinational conglomerate. It manufactures substantial items of equipment comprising multiple complex assemblies, mainly for the automotive industry.  Individual sales are often for multi-million pound sums.

How we helped: Hazlewoods Innovation Team advised the company in developing a suitable methodology for its Patent Box calculation.  Hazlewoods also initiated a meeting with HM Revenue and Customs to present the proposed methodology, and we have successfully secured their agreement to our proposals. The company’s first Patent Box claim should secure tax savings approaching £400,000.

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