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Accounts from Hazlewoods do a lot more than quantify tax liabilities.


With our expert support and advice, your accounts will enable you to see how your business is performing. By providing meaningful analysis, we can show you where the business is weak and where it is strong, where you may need to invest and where you may need to prune. 

With certain companies and LLPs, accounts will need to be audited if the size of the business means it is above the audit threshold. For further details, visit our Audit and Assurance section for further details.

All our accountancy services are delivered by an expert team with many years of experience. Working efficiently and cost-effectively, we deliver the vital management information you need for sustained success, as well as helping you to comply with the law.

Accurate figures are essential for:

  • Strategic planning and investment financing
  • Cost control and profit optimisation
  • Management information and strategy
  • Tax planning and mitigation

Helping your business to grow

Every successful business has to start somewhere. A critical success factor for the growing business is the right advice, at the right time.

Hazlewoods specialises in helping businesses to grow. Through a dedicated team that specialises in sole traders, partnerships and limited companies, we help owners/directors/partners to prepare for success. Naturally, our services include the preparation of statutory accounts, personal and business tax computations, and personal and business tax returns. We offer tailored advice and support to help the growing business to enjoy the fruits of success and, when necessary, find new sources of investment.

Sole Traders

Many people still choose to operate as a sole trader, for a variety of reasons. For these businesses, we will produce annual accounts as well as business tax computations and personal returns. Our advice will also help the business to achieve the success the owner wants. We will advise on tax planning; and on whether it is right to change the business structure.


Partnerships can comprise just two people to more than fifty. Their structures can range from informal unlimited liability arrangements to limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships.

Hazlewoods will help partnerships, regardless of size, assess performance and plan for the future. In some of our specialist industry sectors, partnerships are the predominant structure. From that knowledge base, and in dealing with other partnerships, we are able to advise on a range of areas, including:

  • Advising on strategic priorities
  • Tax efficient tax structures, including use of corporate partners, management companies etc...
  • Introduction of new partners, retirements and other changes;
  • Working with individual partners to help them enjoy the benefits of the partnership success.

Small companies

We understand that not all companies are the same size, and that smaller companies often need a different level and type of support than larger ones. For these companies we are able to provide an efficient and cost effective service for the production of accounts and dealing with their tax affairs. Depending on your own accounting resources, this may be as simple as converting your figures into a statutory format. Alternatively, it may entail assisting you with basic bookkeeping and accounting at various times of the year, to keep your books in order.

Medium sized and larger companies

Hazlewoods are proud to be associated with many successful companies, many of which we have been involved with when they were initially set up. As the business grew, we were able to help them through the changes with the appropriate strategic advice. Our services adapted as the business changed and it became a medium sized and then large company. Not only will the type of advice change, but also the accounting requirements, and at some point an audit will be a requirement (see separate section on Audit and Assurance services). 

By working with other experts within the Hazlewoods team, we have helped clients achieve success through their growth phases, on aspects such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Acquisitions
  • Structuring of the business
  • Share incentives for key employees
  • Financing
  • Tax planning
  • Major investment decisions


FRS 102 will become the standard for accounting for unlisted medium-sized and large entities in the UK.

Our publication 'New UK GAAP - FRS 102 Impact & Key Differences' enables you to consider how this will impact you and your business. 

Charities and not-for-profit

Hazlewoods charity specialists have many years of experience in the field. Their advice enables managers to comply with ever-changing regulations and accounting requirements. The team are fully conversant with all aspects of charity management. They also help managers to focus on objectives and keep costs to an essential minimum. In this way, charities are able to maximise the use made of donations and other sources of income.

All but the smallest of charities require an independent examination if they do not require an audit. Hazlewoods are able to act as independent examiners and usually offer this as part of the accounting service.

Overseas expansion support and inbound support

As a member of the HLB International, a network of independent accountancy firms, we can help UK companies to expand overseas in the most efficient and profitable way possible. Where a new enterprise is being set up overseas, we can work with our fellow member of the network in ensuring the structure is tax efficient and meets the objectives of the client. Thereafter, the overseas member can provide any ongoing accounting and tax support needed in that locality. We will work closely with the member in ensuring the requirements of our client are met.

Our ‘inbound’ services offer similar advice and support to overseas companies wishing to operate in the United Kingdom.


What our clients say

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    Our relationship with Hazlewoods is more of a partnership and their roles in audit and tax, although excellent, have in many ways become secondary to our close co-operation on a wide range of corporate and strategic matters.

    Mr George Koopman
    Xtrac Ltd
  • " "

    They seemed to have a lot more ideas than our previous accountant and were able to spot pitfalls that our previous accountant hadn’t

  • " "

    Hazlewoods main strength is their ability to deliver what’s been agreed in short timescales, and the fact that they’re so responsive

  • " "

    Thinking back to when I actually appointed Hazlewoods, I think it was largely down to their reputation locally as a high-end major accountancy firm

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    They’re not just not just some faceless big organisation

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    I really like the fact that I receive a personal service and that I’m always dealing with a senior partner

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