Before committing to an acquisition, you need to look beneath the surface. With our partner-led, experienced and practical support you can avoid the pitfalls, protect your existing business, and ensure that any acquisition makes a positive contribution from day one.

We can help you throughout the acquisition process:

  • Strategic review and competitor analysis
    We will help you to place a value on the acquisition (and any risks) and plan your acquisition campaign.
  • Impact assessment
    We will develop financial models that help you measure the financial impact of a proposed acquisition.
  • Preparation
    If you are looking for an acquisition of a particular type, but do not have a specific target in mind, we will help you to define your acquisition criteria, identify opportunities and enter preliminary discussions with target businesses.
  • Negotiation
    We will advise you on a fair price based on funding and other commercial considerations. We will also help you to structure the transaction and negotiate Heads of Agreement.
  • Fund raising
    We will help you to finance the deal via debt, equity or more complex instruments.
  • Administration
    We will liaise with legal teams and other accountants, to include transaction support and input on the form and content of legal and other agreements.

After the acquisition is complete, we can offer a range of complementary services. This includes a review / preparation of completion accounts, deferred consideration calculations and other relevant audit and taxation services. Through our hundred-day plan service, we can also help you integrate acquisitions into exiting businesses, thereby ensuring synergies and other enlarged group benefits.

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