A growing number of people are enjoying active lives well beyond retirement. If you wish to maintain your lifestyle after leaving work, it is vital to plan in advance, to ensure that you make the necessary provision.

At a time when the ‘official’ retirement age is increasing, state provision is reducing, pension legislation is constantly changing, and stock markets are volatile, professional advice from Hazlewoods is more important now than ever before.

Our business clients, whether companies or self-employed, can make pension contributions that will reduce exposure to tax on profits or income. We can ensure that tax allowances are maximised for both the business and the individual. We also specialise in advising business owners and self-employed professionals about the level and timing of both contributions and the drawing of benefits.

Pensions are tax-efficient investment vehicles. We, therefore, offer the advice and administrative support you need to ensure the best returns. Where appropriate, you can make your own investment decisions, potentially arranging self-investment into property and stocks and shares. We can also create bespoke arrangements to sustain your standard of living in retirement, which may even help you to retire earlier.

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