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HMRC Enquiry Visits & Investigations


Every year, HMRC selects a number of businesses for ‘enquiry visits’ into PAYE compliance, National Insurance payments and other issues. If you contact us as soon as you receive the warning letter, our Tax Investigations Team will make sure that your records are in good order, and support you during the visit. If any tax is found to be due, they will negotiate a fair settlement.

HMRC Investigations

Whether you are an individual, partnership, company, employer or trustee, HMRC is entitled to review your tax position. In line with government policy, HMRC is allocating more resources to areas identified as high risk. In certain cases, it is using a broad brush approach to target businesses across all applicable tax areas. If you are faced with an HMRC investigation, it can be unsettling and time consuming. We will aim to resolve matters quickly, achieving the best outcome for you and your business. Over the years we have dealt with every type of intervention, investigation and enquiry. We know how Tax Inspectors work, and use this knowledge to resolve disputes cost-effectively. If you have not yet declared all your taxable income, we can help to reduce any potential penalties by utilising any disclosure opportunities available, such as the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility, and negotiating with HMRC on your behalf.

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