1919 - 1941


From a telegraph messenger at the age of 13 through to an eager qualified accountant by 21, Marcus Hazlewood forms Williams, Manning & Hazlewood in Cheltenham.


After copywriting his innovative 'Cash Journal', a tool for producing certified accounts, Hazlewood goes it alone, forming Marcus Hazlewoods & Co.


‘Service above self.’ The Cheltenham Rotary club motto which Hazlewood was appointed as President. Marcus began a charitable fundraising tradition that has been continued by Hazlewoods staff to this day, as they foster strong links with the community. Find out more here about our charity of the year.


Marcus Hazlewood dies at the relatively young age of 53 with no children, and so David Broom, the first appointed Partner in 1930, takes over the running of the practice.



1942 - 1972


A first for Cheltenham, as Dorothy Broom is the first female to qualify as a Certified Accountant in the town.


It is clear to see why 'innovative' is one of our values. As an early adopter of technology, Partner, Bill Wyman, set up a mechanised accounting business, MPL Computers Ltd, offering a complete payroll and accounting service to clients. MPL Computers Ltd is now part of global IT brand, Procurri.  


As man was taking his first steps on the moon, Cheltenham school leavers were taking their first steps as trainee accountants at Marcus Hazlewood & Co. Find out more about our current career opportunities here.


Cooke, Tortonese & Price merged with Marcus Hazlewood & Co.

Cooke, Tortonese & Price Secretary, Rose Clark, had begun working for the practice three years earlier, and went on to become Hazlewoods longest serving employee, retiring in 2011, after 42 years' service. 


1973 - 2000


The 70's were a period of planned expansion and relocation, with the purchase and refurbishment of Staverton Court, a former private health club, in 1980, officially opened in 1988 by Michael Grylls MP (Bear Grylls' father).


Up until now, accounting firms were prohibited from advertising their services externally. New regulations emerged however, and the firm was rebranded as Hazlewoods Charted Accountants and Business Advisers.


Niche sector specialisms were formed, setting Hazlewoods apart from others. These included Healthcare, Legal, Veterinary and Dental.


Eight new Partners were admitted over the next eight years, as turnover grew from £6.4 million to £10 million.



2001 - 2020


Strengthening our international connections, Hazlewoods joins HLB International as an independent member. HLB is a fast growing, dynamic network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers, reaching over 158 countries worldwide. Find out more here.


'Driving Lifelong Prosperity' was adopted as our Hazlewoods motto, alongside the launch of our first ever 'all staff' conference, where everyone was brought up to date with the firm's performance, plans and vision. Our staff conferences have continued annually ever since and are an opportunity for staff to join together to celebrate success and look forward to the future.


100 years later, Hazlewoods celebrates its centenary year, and as a nod to Marcus Hazlewood, with people always at the heart, Hazlewoods raises over £100,000 for local cancer charity, Maggie's.



Ranked 25th in the UK Top 100 accountancy firms, we take pride in our highly personal service, specialist sector expertise, strong values and new ideas. We look forward to many more prosperous years ahead.   

'I hope the Hazlewoods of today would have made Marcus Hazlewood proud and maybe a little bit amazed at what he started in 1919.'

- Jon Cartwright, Managing Partner


To make 2019 unique for Hazlewoods, the target set for fundraising was £100,000 for Maggie's Centre Cheltenham, and we are delighted to announce that this was achieved, having reached £105,586. Read more about our charity of the year here.

The year got off to a fantastic start with the annual quiz at Pittville Pump Room. The summer saw the Hazlewoods Run 1000, where staff and their family and friends all came together to run 10,000km at Gloucester Athletics Club.

One of the most encouraging outcomes of the year was the way in which teams came together to raise money for the cause. Activities included: visiting 100 clients in a day, the Welsh Three Peaks challenge, strawberries and cream for Wimbledon, and even a Christmas wrapping event.

In addition to the fundraising efforts, every employee was given half a day to volunteer for a local charity or cause of their choice.

"We are delighted to have been able to support Maggie's in this way and look forward to working with many more charities in the years to come." - Jon Cartwright, Managing Partner. 

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