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Whether you’re above or below the audit threshold, our high-quality services can provide you with expert knowledge and dependable insights that benefit your business decision making.

Our accountants are fully trained in developments in auditing standards and the use of our paperless audit software. Reports can also be produced if your company doesn’t require a full external audit but needs some form of assurance on your financial statements. We’ll always deliver information in a way that’s easy for you and your stakeholders to understand and act on.

Working together

We were one of the first accounting firms to use computers back in the 1960s and we keep ourselves ahead of the game.

Although we’re always looking to exploit the latest technology in audit and assurance – including AI – we never forget that what makes us stand out is the effort we make to get to know you and your business personally, so that we can provide clear, pragmatic, understandable advice that you can act on. By building long-term, constructive relationships with you we make your experience of audit a positive one, and provide commercial, forward-thinking recommendations to support your business.

How can we help you?

Your business is unique and we have the people who understand your audit requirements, including for:


You will require an audit if*:

  1. your company or group has a turnover greater than £10.2 million and gross assets above £5.1 million;
  2. your company is a subsidiary of an overseas company; or
  3. you are a charity with income over £500,000

*From 1 October 2024, these thresholds are expected to change, following the latest guidance. 

We have experience in providing accountants’ reports on grant claims for many different bodies, including:

  1. European Union;
  2. Local government bodies; and
  3. Technology Strategy Board

Audit thresholds for charities are lower; charities with an income over £500,000 require an audit. We can offer intelligent and focused audit solutions for all types and sizes of charity.

The usual reasons companies below the audit threshold undertake an audit are:

  1. It is a requirement of the bank or other lenders
  2. It is a requirement of external stakeholders
  3. An audit is written into the company’s articles of association

If you have overseas subsidiaries, we can work in a professional and responsive manner with your overseas auditors and accountants. Alternatively, our links with HLB International enable us to give you access to overseas firms, to complete the process for you.

We can assess the impact the changes in international standards in auditing will have on your business and provide technical advice on how to address this.

Transparency statements

Download our 2023 statement here.

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