About Us

Responsible business

Working towards net zero

We understand the importance of preserving and protecting the environment and the important part we have to play.

In 2022 we undertook a detailed review of our carbon footprint through Avieco, in line with our commitment to reduce emissions in the near term and to reach net zero in the longer term.

We’re now actioning a number of initiatives that we believe will make a positive difference:

  • Installing solar panels on the roof at the new Staverton building is expected to reduce electricity consumption there by 40%.
  • Reviewing all energy suppliers to enable a switch to renewable energy providers.
  • Our commuting survey is helping to shape our benefits and salary sacrifice arrangements.
  • We are working towards an SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative) validation process to set decarbonisation targets and measure our progress over time.
  • We’re evolving our procurement policies to ensure our top suppliers are also working towards reducing their carbon emissions.

We focus on the areas where we can make the biggest difference

With over 520 employees across our offices, we comply with the Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and in line with this, we have our environmental management system data gathering process independently verified every four years. Our latest report identified three areas where we can make the biggest wins to reduce our environmental impact:

Reducing carbon travel from
business travel

We make continual efforts to reduce our carbon emissions from business travel, and have virtual meetings and audits where possible.

In 2020, we installed electric car charging points at our Staverton office to encourage the use of electric vehicles amongst employees.

We actively promote the cycle to work scheme which many of our staff participate in.

Reducing environmental impact in our
supply chain

Wherever possible we work with local and ethical suppliers to ensure the products we use in our offices are sustainable, recycled and ethical.

Our coffee supplier uses fair trade and ethical products.

Our toilet roll is 100% recycled and our supplier donates 50% of profits to improve access to clean water and toilets.

Our office supplier was the first in the UK to become carbon neutral.

Paper usage has reduced drastically with the switch to home and hybrid working, shrinking by over 90%. Our printers are set to print double sided automatically. We only use recycled paper, and all paper waste is shredded and recycled.

Our waste management supplier recycles all of our waste and operates a zero waste to landfill policy.

Reducing energy consumption
in our offices

Our IT equipment is remotely turned off outside of hours.

We are installing LED lighting across both of our offices and many of our rooms have movement sensors to control the lighting.