2022/23 - Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre

We are delighted to announce that our staff have raised a total of £50,000 for Gloucestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, our Charity of the Year for 2022/23. 

The money raised by Hazlewoods will be funding a new website for the charity, to allow users and those close to them to have easy to access resources.

GRASAC offers confidential face to face support and advocacy which is offered either within its centre or at outreach locations throughout Gloucestershire.

GRASAC works to increase understanding, and recognition, of sexual violence through education and public awareness. They provide information and advice, as well as delivering workshops and seminars on sexual consent, relationships and harassment for schools, youth groups, businesses and any organisation that wants information.

2020/22 - Severn Freewheelers

We are delighted to announce that our staff have raised a total of £25,234 for Severn Freewheelers, our Charity of the Year for 2020/22. 

The money raised by Hazlewoods has bought the charity a new service motorbike which will be used in the Gloucestershire fleet.

The charity provides a free out-of-hours courier service for hospitals across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, North Wiltshire, and Herefordshire, carrying blood, pathology samples, patient scans/x-rays, human milk and other medical essentials.

Severn Freewheelers require approximately £70,000 per annum to run their service and they estimate that this saves the NHS in excess of £450,000, so any support they receive really is helping to save lives.

2018/20 - Maggie's

We are delighted to announce that our staff have raised a total of £105,586  for Maggie's, our Charity of the Year for 2018/20. 

Maggie’s centres are there to support all who may be affected by cancer, offering places to find practical advice as well as ways of improving and strengthening people’s physical and emotional wellbeing or simply offering a place to sit quietly with a piece of cake and a cup of tea.

The money raised by Hazlewoods in 2019 will be used to fund the time of another cancer support specialist for the centre; these are experienced professionals who offer individual and group support to people who visit the centres. Maggie’s centre in Cheltenham also has plans to extend and some of the money will go towards furnishing the new space to be as comfortable and welcoming as the current centre.

2017/18 - Scoo-B-Doo

We are delighted to announce that our staff have raised a total of £17,100 for Scoo-B-Doo, our Charity of the Year for 2017/18. 

Our employees participated in a variety of fundraising events to help raise money for the charity, who support the Neonatal Unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Scoo-B-Doo was established in 1982 by parents, doctors and nurses to help care for sick and premature babies from Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.

With the NHS under constant financial pressure, the money Scoo-B-Doo raises helps to maintain the service that is critical to the survival of such vulnerable babies. Over 80% of the equipment used every day at the hospital has been funded by Scoo-B-Doo to give the babies the best possible care. 

2016/17 - Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice

We are delighted to announce that our staff have raised a total of £11,273 for Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice.

An organisation that supports people living with life-limiting conditions was adopted as the Charity of the Year by Hazlewoods.

Sue Ryder have an expert team who all work tirelessly to help and support people through the most difficult times of their lives. Whether that is dealing with a terminal illness or the loss of loved ones, they are on hand with expert care and compassion.

Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice is the only palliative care inpatient unit in Gloucestershire. They provide expert palliative care and support for people who are living with a life-limiting condition. The care that the centre provides is free, but it costs around £3.6 million per year to run the centre and continue to provide these essential services. 

In 2017, Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice provided 130,000 hours of care and support to patients and their loved ones. 

2015/16 - Stroud Beresford Group

We are delighted to announce that our staff have raised a total of £12,290 for Stroud Beresford Group.

An organisation that supports victims of domestic abuse was adopted as the Charity of the Year by Hazlewoods.

It is a sad fact that on average two women a week are killed by a partner or ex-partner and at least 750,000 children a year witness domestic abuse.

Stroud Beresford Group has been offering accommodation, advice and support to families affected by domestic abuse for over 35 years.

A local, independent charity, it provides Gloucestershire’s only women’s refuge alongside a range of other services aimed at preventing domestic abuse or supporting those at risk.

Stroud Beresford Group also offers outreach services in the community for those affected by domestic abuse, including one to one support, group workshops for vulnerable people as well as professionals, together with a 12 week “Next Steps” programme.

The charity provides services to help children and their parents overcome their experiences, learn new skills and gain the confidence to build a happy life that is free from abuse.

2014/15 - LINC 

We are delighted to announce that our staff have raised a total of £10,971 for LINC.

The Leukaemia and Intensive Chemotherapy Fund is an important local healthcare charity that works to improve the care of cancer patients in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and south Worcestershire.

It provides financial and psychological support for people receiving intensive chemotherapy in the three counties cancer centre in Cheltenham, as well as their families and loved ones.

It tries to ensure that every facility is available to make long stays in hospital as comfortable as possible.

Further, by purchasing new equipment and funding update courses for staff, the charity tries to ensure that the treatment on offer is second to none.

LINC supports research too, and funds the Robert Dalton Research Fellow - a post graduate student studying for either an MSc or a PhD in a cancer related subject. By providing financial support and funding a clinical psychologist LINC can help to provide support at the sharp end - at diagnosis and during the initial treatment.

You can find out more about this incredibly deserving cause by going to their website

2013/14 - James Hopkins Trust

The aim of the trust is to help severely disabled, life threatened and life limited young children aged 0-5 years in Gloucestershire, so that the quality of their lives may be enriched. The trust focuses on the following three key objectives:

  • The provision of nursing respite care either in the family home or at our day care centre
  • The provision of equipment specially adapted to the needs of the individual child
  • The provision of financial help for visits to specialist hospitals outside Gloucestershire

2012/13 - Gloucestershire Young Carers

Hazlewoods raised a total of £11,590 for Gloucestershire Young Carers -the highest amount yet to date! 

The charity, Gloucestershire Young Carers, works closely with children and young people who have a caring responsibility for a family member, that would usually be taken on by an adult. It has created a network of support for young carers across the county.

2011/12 - Cobalt

Cobalt are a Cheltenham-based medical charitable trust with a history of success. Over the years Cobalt has been able to support the NHS with £millions worth of equipment and services to enhance the lives of cancer patients and help the relief of sickness and other diseases. 

From May 2011 until the end of April 2012, Hazlewoods staff got involved with various fundraising activities to raise £8,000 for Cobalt. 

“We are so grateful to Hazlewoods for the fantastic £8,000 that’s been raised during your Charity of the Year support. What a huge boost this has been to our Heart Mind & Body Scanner Appeal and thanks to you we can now almost touch the finishing post of our £1m appeal. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the variety of fundraising events throughout the year. It’s been great having your support.”

Zena Giles Fundraiser for Cobalt

2010/11 - The Cleansheet Foundation

Hazlewoods 2010/11 charity was The Cleansheet Foundation, a local charity set up to help the orphaned pupils at a school in Uganda sustain and support themselves in order to build a brighter future.

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