Background: With over three decades of industry expertise, Rapid Ramp stand at the forefront as a premier manufacturer, supplier, and installer of modular ramps and steps in the United Kingdom.

How we helped: Mark Pons, MD of Rapid Ramp said, “We have benefited significantly from the Patent Box tax relief scheme. Effectively we now pay 10% Corporation Tax instead of the standard 19% (which has now increased to 25% on our profits attributable to patented products). Jemma collaborated with HMRC to determine the notional royalty that could be appropriately applied with respect to Patent Box. Recently we successfully acquired new business premises, and this achievement was partly facilitated by the tax savings we had accumulated. As a result, our business is now poised for significant growth.

In summary, the Patent Box is a highly valuable tax relief for businesses like ours. I thoroughly recommend Patent Box and the expert advice that Hazlewoods have brought to my business.”