Capital allowances are available on qualifying plant & machinery. This includes expenditure on dental equipment, office furniture, computers or plumbing, heating or lighting within a building.

The amounts on which relief can be claimed can vary from year to year, so it is important to consider the timing of any expenditure to maximise the allowances available. We can help you do this.

Tax savings are often possible when purchasing a new building or developing an existing one. Hazlewoods advisers can work with you, your project manager and your architect to ensure that these savings are captured. It is important to form your project team early to maximise the benefits.

Savings can be generated from:

  • Assets that qualify for tax relief, even if they have no use to you
  • Items of expenditure that qualify for immediate tax relief
  • Protecting the remaining value of the project to minimise future Capital Gains Tax

We are familiar with the design and layout of all types of dental practices and understand the expenditure that is likely to be incurred.

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