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Understanding you

Independent insurance brokers need to innovate and adapt to be successful in this highly competitive industry, while ensuring they remain compliant with the FCA rules and regulations (including CASS), an area which can be a minefield.

A recent report prepared by the Chartered Insurance Institute said that, ‘To prosper by 2028, broking firms need to choose their business model, individuals need to embrace learning and insurers need to reward good practice in client management.’

Consolidation and evolving business models are an ongoing feature of the UK insurance broking market, but there is also a new wave of ambitious small to medium-sized firms who are capable of disrupting the market, particularly with their use of technology. Offering exceptional customer service and friendly advice to clients is also setting some firms apart from competitors who simply offer a transactional rather than advisory service.

Helping you achieve your goals

We have specific knowledge and understanding of areas that are important to the insurance industry, including compliance matters, which enables the team to provide insurance brokers with a comprehensive service.

For insurance businesses looking to prepare their business for sale, we are always ready to talk through proposals of any size, from small independent entities to large groups. Our team also has extensive experience in providing transaction support and due diligence services for acquisitive groups. 

Our team includes individuals who, in addition to being fully qualified accountants, have received Corporate Finance accreditation, a qualification endorsed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

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How can we help you?

  • Expert and dedicated team of accounting and tax staff 
  • Business strategy and compliance
  • M&A advisory and due diligence
  • Tax advisory
  • Valuation

Our approach

  • Corporate services for corporate and financial investors
  • Client relationship building
  • Regular meetings with clients
  • Regular conversations and discussions
  • Regular updates on topical issues

Testimonial from Anonymous

"Hazlewoods hands on approach combined with their specialist tax knowledge were invaluable in getting the deal over the line."

Testimonial from Anonymous

"Hazlewoods have consistently met and exceeded our expectations. Their professional approach has been invaluable for maximising our negotiating position and securing the transaction."

Testimonial from Anonymous

"The speed, professionalism and accuracy of Hazlewoods advice was nothing short of exceptional. Our relationship with Hazlewoods is absolutely pivotal to the success of the company, the professional yet personable way in which Hazlewoods engage with clients is entirely unique."

Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg David Main
David Main
Partner, Forensic Accounting and Technical
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Peter Woodall
Peter Woodall
Partner, Tax
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Tom Woodcock
Tom Woodcock
Partner, Tax
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Ryan Hancock
Ryan Hancock
Partner, Audit and Assurance
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg James Whittaker
James Whittaker
Partner, Corporate Finance
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