We help construction businesses of any size to achieve their expectations and develop new opportunities. Our specialist advisers have in-depth understanding of this market, and always respond quickly and effectively when called upon to help, drawing, as necessary, on the skills of their colleagues across Hazlewoods.

We offer support with all your accountancy and financial requirements:

  • Accountancy
    We will prepare and audit your annual accounts, run your payroll, and provide management information to help you highlight problems and take prompt action.
  • Compliance
    We will advise you on the Construction Industry Scheme, including issues around employed and self-employed status.
  • Finance
    Banks often take an unhelpful approach to construction industry financing. Over the years, we have been able to help our clients find alternative avenues of finance and short-term working capital.
  • Tax & VAT
    The consequences of a VAT error can be costly. Our VAT experts will help you to avoid the problems. We can also structure your business for improved tax performance, and minimise its tax bill by ensuring that all available reliefs are used. Simple changes in these areas can often make a significant benefit to your bank balance.

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