We work with businesses to deliver financial and operational improvements, supporting management teams to generate liquidity and protect value. Services include:

Debt advisory

We can help identify sources of finance and advise on the optimum structure to achieve your objectives. Services include raising and refinancing debt, debt restructuring (including private equity/alternative funding sources) and cash flow management.

Financial modelling

The importance of cash flow forecasting cannot be understated; it enables you to identify potential shortfalls at an early stage and to adapt your operations to suit.

We have created two basic financial model cash flow templates, which are available to download here. If you need assistance in completing the templates, or require a bespoke user-friendly financial model, tailored to meets your needs, please contact a member of the team.


We work with owners, investors and creditors to protect and realise value. Services include assessing corporate viability, evaluating options to recover value, strategic planning and implementation.

Where you have a valuable property asset that may be at risk from the challenges currently being faced by your business, there are restructuring options that can be considered to split the property from the trading side of the business.

Corporate simplification

We can assist in simplifying group structures, eliminating surplus/dormant companies and reducing regulatory risk, cost and management time. We can also advise on the optimal solution to dispose of surplus group companies, whether it be by solvent liquidation or managed exit.

Business Recovery and Insolvency

Our goal is to assist management in restructuring businesses, preserving value and avoiding formal insolvency. Our Business Recovery and Insolvency team can help provide frank, proactive and commercial advice. We work with you to provide the best solution for all parties. Find out more here.   

Corporate Finance

Last year our Corporate Finance team completed over 200 transactions valued at over £1 billion. In these challenging times, our team are well placed to help with accelerated M&A (where a sale of the business under time and cash constraints is the optimal solution to preserve value), business valuations and strategy planning. Find out more here

Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Paul Fussell
Paul Fussell
Partner, Corporate Finance and Audit
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John Lucas
Partner, Corporate Finance, Healthcare
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg James Whittaker
James Whittaker
Partner, Corporate Finance
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Peter Frost
Peter Frost
Partner, Business Recovery and Insolvency
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