Once you have acquired a new business or division, you need to work quickly to integrate it into your structure, and optimise its performance. This is where our personal, proactive approach to business support can help.

Our ‘menu’ of support options includes:

  • 100-day plan
    A detailed action plan that sets out issues identified on due diligence / transaction negotiation, and identifies the actions necessary to resolve them. The plan also addresses issues concerning the relationship between board, management and investors.
  • Transition planning
    Here we help you to integrate the new business into your own, and then help you form a strategy to leverage this new asset for maximum benefit.
  • Operational turnaround
    With the new acquisition on board, we help you to identify opportunities for performance improvement, cost reduction, supply chain and process improvement, recruitment and down-sizing.
  • Risk management
    We help you quantify the risks and benefits of your actions.
  • Employee management
    We help you to address employee loyalty issues with advice on share option schemes and other incentive plans.
  • Financial reporting
    We help you to define and use key performance indicators. We can also help bring different financial systems into harmony.
  • Portfolio Investor reviews
    We help investors to compare actual results against forecast, and establish whether deal objectives have been achieved. If required, we can also develop an action plan to deliver enhanced transaction value.
  • Taxation
    We can help you to negotiate the tax hazards associated with reorganisations, tax mitigation schemes, VAT, research & development (R&D), tax relief and other issues.

More broadly, we aim to sit alongside our clients and provide a range of advisory services. In this role we act as a ‘sounding board’ to help in general management and business planning.

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