Protecting and enhancing family wealth

To help you protect and enhance your family wealth, we have established our Family Office. In order to meet your family’s objectives, needs and aspirations, our key advisers come together and work as one. This joined up approach means that the tax, legal and investment considerations are all included in the decision making process at the outset to give the best results for the family.
Our services are tailor made for each family to reflect their individual circumstances and we can work with existing advisers or introduce others who can help. 


Planning for succession

An important part of protecting the family wealth is planning for it to pass to the next generation. For many, a gradual introduction to wealth is an integral part of equipping them with the skills for handling greater wealth later in life.

We work with families to understand their wishes and needs when passing wealth down the generations. For every family these will be different, and have to take into account such things as:

  • involvement or otherwise in the family business;
  • personal circumstances of the recipient; and
  • the nature of the asset involved i.e. is it one that has been in the family for many generations and so must be preserved, or is it less important to the family.

We will plan a strategy to pass assets down in a way that meets the family objectives and is also tax efficient.


Philanthropy and charitable giving

Your financial strategy may include philanthropic objects.
For some families this may mean making donations to existing charities whilst for others this can involve creating a family charitable trust. Whatever the chosen route we are able to advise on the steps necessary for making the gifts or setting up the charitable trust. For family charities we can complete the annual accounts and reports to the Charity Commission.
We also work with families to ensure that the tax benefits of charitable giving are understood and maximised.

Shaping your family’s financial strategy

Each member of your family is likely to have their own financial objectives.  To create an overarching financial strategy, we work with all family members to understand their objectives and financial needs. 
This includes consideration of the most tax efficient investments and structures to ensure that individual needs are met within the overall framework.
With tax rules, regulations and investment options changing on a regular basis the strategy needs to be reviewed frequently to ensure it continues to meet the family objectives.

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