Good business intelligence is vital to gain a competitive edge for your business.

Obtaining the right management information involves collecting a wide range of data and using it to provide meaningful insight to your business performance and the wider industry in which you operate.

Automation of processes, increased efficiencies and access to unprecedented amounts of data are all positive for businesses and growth, but the ability to analyse the data available to create meaningful information on which business decisions can be based remains the real skill. 

True business intelligence is not dependent on the amount of data you can collect, rather the selection and analysis of quality KPIs that are relevant to your business and its future.

How can we help you?

We work with in-house finance teams to broaden skills and assist with developing quick to update, automated reporting that end users can truly understand.

We can help to create bespoke dashboards based on your firm’s own specific metrics, which will give you greater clarity on the actual performance and help you identify exactly where profits are being generated or lost. 

For example, by combining your client revenue and data from production or stock software, as well as granular overhead costs, you can identify the more profitable elements of your business. 

Alternatively, for time recording businesses, by combining information from your payroll records and your time recording system, you can accurately compare the output and costs of each department and fee earner.  Any company can use their data to reveal key business strengths, under-utilised support resource, operational bottlenecks, and potential skill gaps.  

For more information on how you can improve your monthly reporting and focus your attention on the most profitable parts of your business, please contact Jules Rodgers, our business intelligence specialist.


Case Study

Client A approached us, frustrated that they could not combine the output of their accounts and project management software effectively. It was taking days to manually produce reports that utilised a fraction of the sophisticated data they were actually capturing. By combining the output from all of their key systems, with proper consideration given to many regional and seasonal external factors, we helped them to accurately measure productivity for the first time, allowing them to effectively plan future projects. It now only takes the client 10 minutes to update and produce reports each month, so less time is spent preparing data and more time putting the findings to good use.

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