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Preparation of annual accounts & tax returns

Our Farms and Estates team has a wealth of experience and expertise within the agribusiness sector. This expertise together with a familiarity of specialist farming software, as well as more generalised accounting packages enables us to extract your data from a wide range of platforms.

Working with us

By gaining an understanding of you and your business and your key drivers, our team are able to produce comprehensive annual accounts for your business in a tailored format that suits you.

Our accounts and tax teams work closely together to ensure your accounts and tax returns are produced to show asset ownership, and profit allocation in the most tax efficient way.

Our experts will review profits and losses for the business and individuals to ensure all sector specific and other tax considerations are clearly thought through, these:

  • Capital allowance claims
  • Farmers averaging
  • Loss relief
  • Herd and flock elections

What accounting software should you use?

The accounting software you choose to use can have many add on benefits and being able to extract accurate live data on a timely basis can be vital for making time critical business decisions.

When making the decision to change software, you should consider:

  • Reliability of internet connection when considering if a desktop or cloud-based software is more appropriate.
  • The need for professionals such as your accountant, agronomist, consultant to access your data in real time.
  • Pricing and considering whether the annual subscription costs are in keeping with what you require the software to do.
  • Ability to cope with separate enterprises when considering gross margins.
  • Software add-ons such as payroll applications and payment services where businesses have diversified.
  • Integration of your accounting software with the other management software used and how vital this is e.g. sheep/cattle movements, field records.

Meet the team

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