We’re experienced auditors working exclusively with law firms.

How can we help you?

A quality audit enables you to deliver accurate financial reporting to your stakeholders, which will in turn deliver long-term value, aid decision making and build that essential trust on which your business depends.

We have specialist knowledge of the legal sector and understand the challenges you face and risk areas particular to law firms. Whether you are above or below the audit threshold, your firm is unique, and there are many reasons why you may need or want audit services. 

Assurance reports can also be produced for companies or LLPs that may not require a full external audit, but need some form of assurance on the company’s financial statements.


Generally speaking, you will require an audit if your company or LLP exceeds at least two of the following for two consecutive years:

  1. Turnover greater than £10.2 million
  2. Gross assets (fixed assets and current assets combined) above £5.1 million;
  3. More than 50 employees.

The usual reasons firms below the audit threshold undertake an audit are:

  1. It is a requirement of the bank or other lenders
  2. It is a requirement of external stakeholders
  3. An audit is written into the company’s articles of association.

Transparency statements

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