Business Intelligence for Pharmacies

We can help your pharmacy to save money and maximise profits with our supplier price audit tool.

We support pharmacy businesses with the investigation and analysis of price discrepancies

Our bespoke tool and ongoing support will deliver:

  • Efficient and robust reconciliation against supplier pricing
  • Consolidation of multiple data sources
  • Complete visibility over supplier pricing – even across branches/groups
  • Maximised profitability through confidence in medicine costs

Across the pharmacy sector, we have identified situations where suppliers alter pricing of medicines away from the agreed prices with the pharmacy.

In most cases prices have been inflated, resulting in substantial losses for the business. The Hazlewoods supplier price audit tool has been developed in conjunction with our sector specialist team with detailed knowledge of the industry. By analysing prices between the pharmacy and their supplier, we are able to provide pharmacies with specific actions to implement and save money.

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