Forensic accounting & litigation support

We have over 30 years of experience in the veterinary sector, meaning we have the knowledge and experience required to provide a professional forensic service to you.


How can we help you?

Commercial disputes

Losses can be incurred as a result of breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, natural disasters, professional negligence, regulatory disputes or compulsory purchase orders.

Accurate valuations, taking into account aspects such as tax implications, are essential. We can undertake valuations for a wide range of purposes, including acquisitions and disposals, taxation, regulatory matters, as well as in support of commercial litigation cases. As well as using a variety of standard methodologies and techniques, we use our sector-specific experience and apply our judgment, meaning our valuations are well-researched and unique to each individual case.

Loss of profits and income claims

Loss of profit can occur due to several reasons including personal injury, business disruption or contract breaches, and can be detrimental to businesses if not handled properly.

We can help you determine when a claim can be made and calculate the potential value of loss in accordance with court requirements, by evaluating how the business would have performed without the loss-causing incident, looking at all relevant areas of the business and projecting future profits or earnings.

Matrimonial disputes

An increasing number of individuals are seeking input from advisers with regards to the merits of pre-nuptial agreements and the re-arrangement of personal and marital assets. In addition, valuations of shares and businesses and tax calculations are often needed in divorce cases to assist the parties and the court.

We can act as experts instructed by one party, single joint experts, or shadow experts, providing advice on settlements as well as all financial aspects of marriage and divorce. We can also advise on any relevant business arrangements, including taxation and issues arising from assets held overseas.

Personal injury and insurance claims

Personal losses may arise from accidents, industrial disease or medical malpractice, whilst businesses may suffer substantial losses as a result of matters that are insured.

We can prepare calculations and schedules for inclusion in statement of claims or counterclaims, review and comment on calculations presented, provide expert witness reports and give evidence in court, whilst acting as either single or joint experts.

Case studies

Loss of veterinary income and profit due to injuries sustained from a road traffic accident.

We were asked to assess the loss of earnings of a veterinary surgeon following a road traffic caccident which left the individual unable to work.

This involved assessing the loss of earnings throughout the individual’s prospective career, initially as an employee, and then subsequently as a partner in a veterinary practice. This also included a projected loss of value in capital/goodwill the individual would have realised, up to the point of normal expected retirement age.

Our report contributed to securing a significant settlement for our client.

In respect of a divorce between a vet and their spouse, the company was valued using our considerable experience of the veterinary industry. The potential capital gain in respect of the business assets was also calculated.

The valuation was prepared under a single joint expert basis and was used by both sets of solicitors in settling the divorce.

Retrospective valuation of veterinary company in respect of an historical divorce between a vet and their spouse. The company was valued based on our knowledge of historical valuations in the veterinary industry.

The valuation report contributed towards the settlement of historical matters.

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