Commercial disputes may arise from a number of different situations, with the most common disputes relating to business purchase and sale activity, changes to shareholding or partnerships, insurance and banking provisions and contractual disputes.

It is common for losses to be incurred as a result of breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, natural disasters, professional negligence, regulatory disputes or compulsory purchase orders. In all such cases, accurate valuations, taking into account aspects such as tax implications, are essential.

Working together

Throughout our practice we regularly undertake valuations for a wide range of purposes, including acquisitions and disposals, taxation, regulatory matters, as well as in support of commercial litigation cases.

In addition to using a variety of standard methodologies and techniques, our teams use their specific experience and apply their judgment, meaning our valuations are well-researched and unique to each case.

How can we help you?

Some of the ways in which Hazlewoods can assist in commercial litigation cases include:

  • Assessment of economic loss following, for example, a contractual breach, failure to supply goods or services, business interruption or a catastrophic event
  • Valuation of shares and businesses for a range of purpose
  • Insolvency matters, including wrongful trading
  • Perceived diminutions in shareholder value

The members of our forensic team have a wealth of experience, having provided valuable support on a range of commercial and contractual disputes from those concerning small, owner managed companies to multinational groups.

Commercial disputes case study

Background: A liquidator was claiming a debt owed to a company by an associated building company. That company’s position was that this debt was offset by payments it had made on behalf the company in liquidation.

After a detailed review of a large volume of documentation and computer records, a report was produced which resulted in the liquidator withdrawing their claim.

Testimonial: Hazlewoods experts were instructed to prepare an expert forensic accountancy report in a very short time frame on behalf of a client who was facing void disposition claims from a liquidator.

The team went through a large amount of historic invoices, receipts, bank statements, company books and records to provide an excellent report which contained clear, concise findings. As a result of this report the liquidator agreed to withdraw the claim.

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