Loss of profit can be detrimental to businesses if not handled properly. Personal injury, business disruption or contract breaches are among several reasons why losses occur.

Our experienced forensic team can help you determine when a claim can be made and calculate the potential value of loss in accordance with court requirements. This is undertaken by evaluating how the business would have performed without the loss causing incident, looking at all relevant areas of the business and projecting future profits or earnings as appropriate.

How can we help you?

An outline of the steps involved, when we assist in loss of profit claims, includes:

  • Assessing what financial information you need
  • Calculating the actual and expected performance of the business
  • Reviewing the financial position in the absence of the incident
  • Calculating the loss arising accordingly

If your business has suffered a loss of profit and you think you may be eligible to make a claim, contact our forensic team who will be able to provide support and answer any questions you may have.

Loss of profit case study

Background: We were asked to assess the loss of earnings of a veterinary surgeon following a road traffic accident which left the individual unable to work.

This involved assessing the loss of earnings throughout the individual’s prospective career, initially as an employee, and then subsequently a partnership in a veterinary practice.

This also included a projected loss of value in capital/goodwill the individual would have realised, up to the point of normal expected retirement age.

Testimonial: Ruth provided us with a very comprehensive forensic report in a timely fashion.

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Ruth provided us with a very comprehensive forensic report in a timely fashion.”