It is an unfortunate fact that there are professionals who undertake work for clients without applying an acceptable standard of professional care.

In addition, evidence has shown that during times when trading conditions are difficult and businesses are under pressure, levels of fraud increase.

Working together

Hazlewoods regularly provides an expert opinion regarding the professional conduct of accountants and tax advisers.

Our quantum experts can assist in assessing any damages arising from the negligent behaviour of professional advisers.

How can we help you?

Over the years, our experienced forensic accounting team has undertaken many assignments involving professional negligence, including the following:

  • Investigation of fraud and false accounting
  • Accountants negligence in a wide variety of tax matters
  • Negligence of auditors
  • Negligence in respect of financial due diligence
  • Application of Generally Accepted Accounting Practice
  • Accountants negligence in relation to Solicitors Accounts Rules
  • Provision of expert evidence in court
  • Assessment of damages arising from negligence of solicitors and surveyors

Case study

Professional negligence

Background: The Claimants had participated in tax avoidance schemes over many years most of which were sucessfully challenged by HMRC.

Recovery of the losses arising was sought from the Claimant’s accountants and Hazlewoods was appointed as the Defendant’s expert adviser.

The report covered the technical aspects of the scheme, relevant case law and legislation and quantification of the claim at various stages of the case.

Mediation resolved the matter.

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