Business Solutions update: Supporting a high growth business – a case study

Based in Cheltenham, PRB Systems (UK) provides advanced rendering systems for the modern home. This family-owned business has grown 40% over the past year alone, testament to their high-quality service and product. Here Ryan Hill, Managing Director at PRB Systems, speaks about his experience working with Kate Edginton, Senior Manager in the Business Solutions team at Hazlewoods.

Tell us about PRB Systems (UK) and your role

PRB is a French, family-owned company who approached us to be their sole distributor in the UK in 2018. With joint family-owned values, we actually benefited from the pandemic in that larger, less agile, competitors were closing and thus unable to serve the customer base, and we were able to offer a more personal customer service that clients appreciated. We have a great team who all contribute to the success of the business, and my role focuses on the growth strategy, accounts and day to day running of the company.

What was life like before Hazlewoods? What were your needs and what needed to change?

We were growing at a pace that exceeded the knowledge of our previous accountant, and we required expert advice during this demanding phase of growth.

How has Hazlewoods helped you and what improvements have you seen over the past year?

Hazlewoods offered me professional, expert advice with everything from book-keeping, year-end compliance, VAT returns, but also Kate was brilliant at actually walking me through how to use Xero more efficiently to process purchase orders and invoices, and simplifying excel so that I can spend more time focusing on the business itself.

Additionally, Hazlewoods advised on how best to set up an employee share scheme that was most suitable to our company structure.

Describe your relationship with Hazlewoods and how you work together?

Kate is so responsive and proactive – as a small business, I can’t afford to wait weeks for an answer to a question that impacts the company, and I can get hold of her immediately and bounce ideas off her. Often I am so busy with the day to day running of the whole operation, that having data presented to me gives me the opportunity to stop, pause and think about the shape of the business. Kate has often said I need to slow down but there are too many exciting things ahead!

What does the future hold for PRB Systems?

We want to reduce our carbon footprint by 2030, and so we are excited to launch our Eco Division within PRB Systems (UK) soon. Our R&D products are responsible and durable, with some products that are cement-free. Going green is a big focus for us as a company.  Electric cars for our staff are next on the list too.

Ryan Hill, Managing Director, with his father Andrew Hill, CEO, PRB Systems (UK)

For further advice on how our Business Solutions team can support your growing business, please contact Rhiannon Hooper at, or Kate Edginton at Alternatively, call 01242 237661.

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