Health and Care update: Low emission vehicles and the benefits for care home operators

Care homes and other companies in the care sector, often make use of the car allowances available for tax relief; however, there can also be benefits to providing company cars as part of a remuneration package, such as helping to attract and retain high calibre personnel in a competitive market. This factsheet, which can be downloaded below, looks at the various tax incentives currently available that encourage businesses to provide low CO2 emission (hybrid) or zero emission (electric) vehicles.

The factsheet covers:

  • Tax implications for the employer
  • Capital allowances
  • National insurance contributions (NICs)
  • Tax implications for the employee
  • Car benefit
  • Fuel benefit and charging points
  • Hybrid cars
  • Electric cars
  • Electric vans
  • Optional remuneration arrangements (OpRA) i.e. salary sacrifice

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