The accounting software you choose to use can have many add on benefits and being able to extract accurate live data on a timely basis can be vital for making time critical business decisions.

As a team, we are familiar with specialist farming software as well as more generalised accounting packages. We can help and advise you choose the most appropriate software for your business.

When making the decision to change software, you should consider:

  • Reliability of internet connection when considering if a desktop or cloud-based software is more appropriate.
  • The need for professionals such as your accountant, agronomist, consultant to access your data in real time.
  • Pricing and considering whether the annual subscription costs are in keeping with what you require the software to do.
  • Ability to cope with separate enterprises when considering gross margins.
  • Software add-ons such as payroll applications and payment services where businesses have diversified.
  • Integration of your accounting software with the other management software used and how vital this is e.g. sheep/cattle movements, field records.

Our team's rounded knowledge and agricultural and rural expertise can support you through any software change. We can provide support on chart of accounts set up, general ad-hoc queries and providing and inputting of opening balances in order to start the data off correctly.

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Jeremy Kirby
Associate Manager, Farms and Estates
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Alex Greves
Manager, Farms and Estates
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