Limited companies and groups of companies are required to have their financial statements  audited where the turnover is greater than £10.2 million and gross assets are above £5.1 million. 

To deliver a smooth audit process for your business, our audit teams are kept up to date with developments in auditing standards, and the use of innovative audit software.

Within our team, we have experience with the specialist farming accountancy packages, as well as the more general software packages, which will help make the audit process as pain-free as possible.  

For ease of filing, we will produce the accounts in a format that can be submitted electronically to Companies House.

Our expertise within the agricultural and rural business sector enable us to understand the business and streamline the audit process. In addition, we are able to provide bespoke additional services to our company clients, including:

  • Corporation tax computation preparation and tax return submission.
  • Strategic business and tax advice.
  • Enterprise reporting.
  • Business structure advice.
  • Research and development tax relief.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you manage the audit of your agricultural business.

Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Nick Dee
Nick Dee
Partner, Farms and Estates
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Sue Birch
Sue Birch
Director, Farms and Estates
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Rebecca Copping
Rebecca Copping
Partner, Audit and Assurance
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