Understanding VAT and planning for it is essential for cashflow and compliance. Whatever your enterprise or circumstance, we can provide tailored practical and commercial advice that is specific to your business needs.

Examples of VAT advice for agricultural businesses:

  • Discuss and determine the benefits of VAT registration or deregistration for your business.
  • Determine whether any HMRC VAT schemes would benefit you such as the flat rate or annual accounting VAT schemes.
  • Assistance with completing VAT and dealing with enquiries.
  • Advice on the VAT position surrounding land development.
  • Advice and review of partial exemption calculations.
  • Advice on land and property transactions to minimise VAT impact.
  • Advice on structure of business acquisitions and sales, including group reorganisations to minimise VAT impact.
  • Reviewing the international implications of transactions.

Our Farms and Estates team offer straightforward or highly complex VAT advice with the help of in-house VAT experts. We can assist with one-off specialist advice or ongoing services as required. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you manage your VAT activities.

Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Sue Birch
Sue Birch
Director, Farms and Estates
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Content image: /uploads/team/unknown.jpg Heidi Bradley
Heidi Bradley
Associate Director, Farms and Estates
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